We believe the family dog is just that, a member of the family and deserves a holiday too, and we are sure that most dogs will love coming to Gravel Farm with all the walks on offer!

We will accept well-behaved dogs with responsible owners, only when pre-booked in advance.  Regardless of size and breed, we please ask for an additional security deposit of £50 per dog. Guide dogs are exempt from this charge.

Wilfred - Gravel Farm's resident lurcher

What you need to bring with you:

• Dog bed/crate
• Towels to make sure the dog is clean and dry before entering the cottage
• Food and water bowls
• And don’t forget the poop bags

Here are our house rules for dogs:

• Dogs are not permitted on the sofas or in the beds – even with covers applied, or on any other furniture (Willow & Oak Cottage- we will only allow dogs in the main living areas and not in the bedrooms at all)
• Dogs are not permitted to be left in the cottages or grounds unattended if they bark when left alone
• The interior and grounds of the property must be left in a clean, undamaged condition
• Dogs must be clean before entry to the cottages – please clean them with your own towel
• Your dog must not be permitted to cause any kind of nuisance to the neighbouring cottages
• Your dog must be kept on a lead outside of the property

• You must clean up your dog poop and dispose of it thoughtfully

Our cottages are presented to the highest standards and we wish to keep them that way. Our cleaning standards ensure that guests without dogs can confidently stay in our cottages without detecting doggie smells and doggie hairs!

However, it would be almost impossible to maintain these high standards if our ‘house rules’ for dogs weren’t respected, so we appreciate your co-operation and respect for others staying after you.

Your booking is accepted on the basis of you agreeing to comply with our terms and conditions.

Many thanks!