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Fishing At Gravel Farm

We are situated on the West bank of the Old West River.


River Fishing

You can fish here from 16th June to the 14th March for Roach, Rudd, Bream, River Carp, Tench, Perch, Pike, Zander and Eels.


The Tench grow to 7 lb and the Zander and Pike go up to double figures. Locals talk of catching River Carp but we have never seen one landed. The UK fishing world championships used to be held on this stretch of river many years ago and we can vouch for the quality of the fishing here. It is worth considering pre-baiting if you have time (or the inclination) to do so.

The water is slow-moving. It is about 20 metres wide and about 5 feet deep most of the year. There are lots of lilies and rushes, overhanging trees and a bridge so lots of fish attracting features. The occasional boat or canoeist will pass but it is generally very quiet. The cattle will enjoy watching you from the opposite side of the river bank.  

The river is a stone's throw from our cottages and is very easy to access. You do have to cross the flood bank and so unfortunately it isn’t accessible for wheelchair users.   

Reservoir Fishing

To the north of the site, we have a 26-acre reservoir. This is topped up every winter from the river and we believe there are big numbers of fish, going on the number of cormorants who patrol the reservoir. The reservoir is deep, at circa 13 meters, and at 26 acres it isn't ideal for beginners, but presents a good challenge for experienced fishermen. As per the river fishing, it is up a steep bank, and so isn't accessible for wheelchair users.

Local Tackle Shops

These include:


Please let us know in advance if you would like to fish the River and we will arrange a day pass for you.

Please ensure that you have a current and valid Environment Agency Rod Licence. You can arrange one from here is you don’t have this

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