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Terms & Conditions

What these terms cover. These are the terms and conditions on which we supply short term holiday rentals of our self-catering cottages (Oak Cottage, Elm Cottage, Willow Cottage and Chestnut Cottage, each a “Holiday Cottage”) for bookings made online directly on our website at,  by phone with us or in person with us. For terms and conditions made via any other booking platform please refer to the website used to make your booking.

These Terms and Conditions provide you with information you will need before you book, a guide to making your booking including information about arriving, enjoying and departing form our Holiday Cottage, paying deposits, our and your responsibilities during the Holiday Period and what happens if you need to cancel your booking.  

Who “We” are. We are Gravel Farm Ltd (C.R.N. 11507090) a company registered in England and Wales and our address is  Gravel Farm House, Newmarket Road, Stretham, Ely, Cambs, England, CB6 3LJ.

How to contact us. You can contact us by telephoning 07723 016965 or by writing to us at  or the above address.

How we may contact you. If we have to contact you, we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address or postal address you provided to us.


“Agreement” means the agreement between you and us for the booking of a Holiday Cottage.

“Booking” means a booking of a Holiday Cottage

“Booking Confirmation” written confirmation as per clause 1.6 of your booking details and confirmation of your payment of the Rental Fee.

“Booking Form” means the form provided to you in accordance with clause 1.3

“Cottage Manual” any manual we may provide for a Selected Cottage setting out important information for your personal safety and use of the Selected Property and its appliances.

“Deposit” means the non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total rental cost of the Selected Cottage covering the administrative costs we incur in processing your booking request.

“Guests” means holidaymakers invited by you who are booked to stay at the Selected Cottage during the Holiday Period

“Holiday Period” means the period of time for which you wish to rent the Selected Cottage

“Provisional Booking” a booking request that has not been confirmed by a Booking Confirmation.

“Rental Fee” means the total rental fee for the Holiday Cottage selected for the Holiday Period.

“Selected Cottage” means the Holiday Cottage as shown in your Booking Confirmation

“Security Deposit” means the security deposit as stated in your Booking Confirmation which will be held on our secure banking application as a security deposit towards any additional charges incurred by you to us in accordance with clause 6.

“you” means the person placing the booking and to whom the Booking Confirmation is issued.

1.    Booking and Deposit
1.1.    To start the booking process please contact us by email, phone, letter or in person. We will request certain details from you including your name, address, proposed Holiday Period, Selected Cottage, details of any Guests and any dogs before we can provide you with a Booking Form.

​1.2.    We reserve the right to refuse bookings from:

1.2.1.     groups of people under the age of 21; and

1.2.2.    Hen or Stag Parties.
You must inform us at the time of booking if your party falls in any of these categories.

1.3.    On receipt of the requested information and subject to availability we will provide you with a Booking From which states the details of your planned stay including the Holiday Cottage selected by you, the accommodation requirements, proposed arrival date, proposed departure date, number and names of Guests (adult, child and infant) and dogs, the applicable Rental Fee and the Security Deposit (if applicable)

1.4.    A Deposit of 25% of the total rental fee is payable when placing a booking.

​1.4.1.    If you are placing a provisional booking less than 8 weeks ahead of the Holiday Period you are required to make payment in full of your Rental Fee at the time of placing your booking. Please see the pricing information in clause 1.12 and the change and cancellation arrangements in clauses 2 and 3.

​1.4.2.    If you are placing a provisional booking more than 8 weeks ahead of the Holiday Period, the Deposit must be paid on making the provisional booking and the balance of the Rental Fee must be received by us no less than 8 weeks before the start of the Holiday Period. A reminder will be sent to you by email one week before this date. IMPORTANT - Please see clause 5.1.1, we have the right to retain your Deposit and cancel your provisional booking if payment of the balance of the Rental Fee is not received by us when due.

Alternatively, you may wish to pay the entire Rental Fee at the point of your booking;

​1.5.    Payments may be made by phone, credits card, debit card or BACS. We do not accept any payments by cheque.

1.6.    All bookings remain provisional until payment of the full Rental Fee has been received in cleared funds.  We will provide a receipt for all payments received from you.

1.7 Once the Provisional Booking has been accepted and the Rental Fee has been received by us in full, we will send you your Booking Confirmation by email/post to confirm that your booking has been completed. Please check your Booking Confirmation carefully and contact us immediately if any information which appears on it is incorrect or incomplete. Once the payment of the full Rental Fee has been received by us and we have e-mailed or posted your Booking Confirmation a contract (our agreement) is formed for the rental of the Selected Cottage incorporating these terms and the Booking Confirmation.

1.8 Please note that the Rental Fee varies depending on the number of Guests, whether they are adult, child or infants and the number of dogs if any.  It is important that you let us have the names of all guests and dogs that are staying.

1.9 Please contact us without delay if you wish to invite additional Guest beyond those stated in your Booking Confirmation and we will consult the health, safety and fire rules for the Selected Cottage to check the maximum number of permitted occupants. If we provide permission for additional Guests, the change in the Rental Fee will be confirmed by us in writing, invoiced to you and shall be paid by you within two days of the date of that invoice.

1.10 We reserve the right to decline accommodation and to order any unauthorised person off the premises.

1.11 Our agreement with you binds you, (the person named on the Booking Confirmation) and you are responsible for all your Guests. You will be liable for any additional charges incurred (see clause 1.12) and any damage which may be caused to our property by you or your Guests or any dogs named in the Booking Confirmation. You must ensure that all Guests (including children) are aware of and accept all of this agreement.

1.12 Our agreement continues until the last member of your party has left the Selected Cottage including any extension to your stay and for such time afterwards as may be necessary. If you or any of your Guests stay extends beyond 10.00 am on the last day of the Holiday Period, or such other period as agreed by us in writing, you will be subject to an additional time-based charge based on the daily applicable rate for the Selected Cottage and any losses we may suffer as a result of bookings by third parties for the same Holiday Cottage having to be delayed. We will send you, either electronically or by post, a confirmation showing the price of any additional charges. It will also detail payments received and due.

2.    Changing your Booking
2.1.    You may change your booking with us for any reason provided the change is 8 weeks or more (or 12 weeks or more for Willow Cottage) before your start date. Each change is subject to availability and may incur an amendment charge to cover our administration costs and any cost difference between your previous booking and the new booking. The price payable is the greater of i) your original Rental Fee, or ii) the price for your revised booking which applies at the time of your change. No difference will be refunded except where a change of date results in a lower price.

2.2.    If we cannot accommodate your requested change, you will have the choice of keeping your original booking or cancelling the booking and a cancellation fee will apply as per clause 3 below.

2.3.    Your booking is not transferable to another person.

3.    Cancellation by You
3.1.    You may cancel your booking at any time however a fee may be charged. Any cancellations must be given either in writing or in-person to us over the phone. The effective date of the cancellation is the date we receive your notification. The following cancellation fees will be charged:

​3.1.1.  Cancellation received by us for your booking in Willow Cottage between 12-8 weeks before the start of your Holiday Period will incur a charge of 25% (your deposit)

​3.1.2. Cancellation received by us for Willow Cottage 8 weeks before the start of your Holiday Period will be charged 50% of the total rental fee (which includes your deposit). This includes cancellation on day of arrival.  

3.1.3. Cancellation received by us for Oak, Chestnut and Elm Cottages between 8-2 weeks before the start of your Holiday Period will be charged 25% of the total rental fee (your deposit).

3.1.4. Cancellation received by us for Oak, Chestnut and Elm Cottages 2 weeks or less before the start of your Holiday Period will be charged 50% of the total rental fee (including your booking deposit). This includes cancellation on day of arrival.  

3.2.    If you have booked via a booking platform the terms of your cancellation will be that stated via the booking platform.

4.    Cancellation or Change by Us
4.1.    We accept all bookings in good faith. If the Selected Cottage becomes unavailable or unusable for any reason prior to the start of your Holiday Period, we will use reasonable endeavours to offer an alternative Holiday Cottage in the same Holiday Period or the same Selected Cottage at a different date.  This may mean a higher or lower Rental Fee is payable.

4.2.    However, in the unlikely event that we have to cancel any booking previously confirmed, our liability will be limited to any Rental Fee including the Deposit received by us and you will be reimbursed any sums received from you in respect of your booking. Please note there will be no additional compensation offered.

​5.    Termination by Us
5.1.    You will be in material breach of this agreement if :

5.1.1.    you fail to pay the balance of the Rental Fee in accordance with clause 1.4.2; and or

5.1.2.    you fail to provide the Security Deposit (where applicable) in accordance with clause 6 below; whereupon we have the right to terminate your booking before the start of your Holiday Period and no refunds or compensation will be payable to you.

5.2.    Without prejudice to any rights and remedies accrued, we have the right to:

5.2.1.     terminate your booking; and

5.2.2.    if the Holiday Period has already started, to instruct you or your party to leave the Selected Cottage immediately without compensation or refund, should you or any of your Guests not comply with this agreement, including by way of example only terms relating to behaviour and conduct. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances and we reserve the right not to accept any future bookings from you or any member of your party

6.    Breakages, Damages, Security Deposit and leaving the Selected Cottage clean and tidy

6.1.    Guests are asked to use the Selected Cottage and all items provided within it with care and leave it clean and tidy when vacating. We reserve the right to charge for any extra cleaning, missing items, breakages or damage.  If you are staying in Willow Cottage, we will ask for a security deposit of £600.  There may be other times when we ask for a security deposit for Oak, Chestnut and Elm Cottage.

6.2.    By booking you agree that we have the right either during or after your stay to recover from you, whether in cash, via a credit/charge or debit card or via the credit/charge or debit card used for the Security Deposit the monies to pay for the Rental Fee or otherwise, including the costs of:

6.2.1.    Any property damage including damage to the Selected Cottage, the surrounding grounds and accommodation damage, and/or

6.2.2.    any compensation we may pay to others arising from your or any member of your party’s failure to abide by this agreement, and/or

6.2.3.    any other costs, fees or levies which we may incur, resulting from your or any member of your party’s action or inaction, overstay and from any other breach of this agreement; and or

6.2.4.    any costs or charges incurred by you pursuant to clause 15 (Dogs).

6.3.    We reserve the right to enter the Selected Cottage at any time for any reasonable purpose, for example, to make checks, maintenance work or any agreed housekeeping.  We will inspect the Selected Cottage after your departure and before it is made available to any other holidaymakers. You will only be notified if there is cause to charge you Excess or if applicable to claim any proportion of the Security Deposit.

6.4.    We reserve the right to charge a discretionary administrative charge of up to £50 for handling any claims including those claimed on your Security Deposit.

6.5.    We will notify you within 10 working days of the end of the Holiday Period of any additional cleaning costs, damage or breakages noted, the fees charged or an estimate of fees if a firm estimate of the costs to remedy any damage could not be obtained (e.g. in case of repairs) along with images provided (where applicable).  Charges up to the value of £50 may be waived at our discretion.  In the event of minor breakages (e.g. glasses), the item(s) should be replaced like for like or cash left for replacement.

6.6.    Where applicable the Security Deposit shall be applied, insofar as it suffices, towards the cost of any breach of this agreement including by way of example only, the costs of repair or replacement incurred for damage or breakages to or at the Selected Cottage, its contents or grounds, any additional cleaning required over the time allowed for a standard departure clean, replacement of lost or non-returned keys (and replacement of locks if necessary), a penalty fee and the cost of professionally cleaning the soft furnishings where the no-smoking rule has been ignored, replacement of soiled mattresses, late departure or early arrival (if not agreed), over occupancy of Guests or pets, or allowing pets into a property that does not permit pets and any breaches of clause 15 (Dogs). To the extent that the costs incurred for any the breach of this agreement or damage caused are in excess of the Security Deposit (“Excess”), the Excess will be invoiced to You and shall be paid by You within 14 days of the date of the invoice for the Excess.

6.7.    In the event of there being a delay on our side in obtaining an invoice (for instance if repairs are involved), we will charge or invoice a reasonable estimate of the amount and will refund or charge any excess to your debit or credit card once the final costs have been established

6.8.    We will inform you in the Booking Confirmation of the amount of the Security Deposit (if applicable) payable for your stay in the Selected Cottage. If you fail to provide credit or debit card details for the security deposit on request, we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled whereupon our standard cancellation terms will apply (see clause 5.1). The credit or debit card provided in respect of the Security Deposit must be valid for a month after the last day of the Holiday Period.

6.9.    An enhanced Security Deposit may be required for certain types of booking including events, large parties and single-sex group bookings (where they have been permitted by us in writing).

6.10.    Before your stay begins, we will contact you to take your credit or debit card details over the phone for your Security Deposit. The card details will be held on our secure banking application as a Security Deposit and your card will not be charged unless we have reason to claim against your Security Deposit under this agreement. You Security Deposit will be “on hold” and you will not be able to access those funds until the hold is released by us.

7.    Before you arrive
7.1.    In order to protect you, your Guests and other persons who may wish to occupy a Holiday Cottage during or after your Holiday Period, you should inform us immediately if, within 4 weeks prior to your arrival date or during the Holiday Period, any member of your party has, or develops, an infectious or contagious medical condition. If so, we have the right to:

7.1.1.    Refuse to accept your booking; or

7.1.2.    cancel your break; or

7.1.3.    ask any member of your party to leave the property immediately, should we, at our discretion consider it necessary to protect the health of other guests.

​8.    Arrival and Departure
8.1.    Arrival times: You may arrive anytime after 4 pm on the day of your Holiday Period. Departure time: You and your Guests must depart by 10 am on the last day of your Holiday Period and we refer you to clause 1.12. (later departure time may at our discretion be agreed in writing in advance for an additional charge if we have no guest booked in on your departure date).

​9.    Whilst you are our Guest
9.1.    To ensure the maximum enjoyment of your stay and that of all our other guests you must comply with all of the requirements in this agreement and the Cottage Manual. We draw your particular attention the clauses below and to the safety and other information, you will receive on or before arrival. You must also note and comply with all verbal or written guidance, especially safety guidance supplied to you by us.

9.2.    You agree that the Selected Cottage will be used for personal and domestic purposes only.

9.3.    Music should be turned down after 9.00 pm and please behave with respect at all times and do not disturb other guests and neighbours.

9.4.    You are responsible for:

9.4.1.     Keeping the Selected Cottage and its contents in the same condition and repair as you found on your arrival at the Selected Cottage and shall ensure that your Guests shall also take such care of the Selected Cottage and its contents.

9.4.2.    the behaviour of all members of your party. Behaviour should be in keeping with the family environment and should not be excessive, noisy or disruptive, especially at night.

9.4.3.    The safety of your and your Guests property and vehicles. Vehicles parked on our property are subject to very limited security cover only. You must lock your vehicle securely and remove all valuable items on parking. If bring your cycle, we recommend that bring a suitable bike lock with you.

9.5.    Please inform us of any additional facilities you may require before booking. We operate a “first come-first served” policy so we cannot guarantee that we will be able to comply with your request any additional facilities such as highchairs, shower chairs, BBQ’s and other special equipment. If you wish to charge your electric car you must notify us before booking so you can check the compatibility of charging facilities and we may need to charge a surcharge depending on the type of vehicle you wish to charge.

9.6.    Being on a farm in the fens you may find a lot of mud nearby, so please make sure you bring suitable footwear with you and always take off your shoes on entering any Holiday Cottages.

​10.    Smoking is not permitted

10.1.    Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted in the Holiday Cottages.

​11.    Complaints
11.1.    Any complaints must be made known to us immediately either by e-mail, by telephoning or by contacting us in person at our address stated above. No complaints will be entertained at the end of the Holiday Period or after you have departed.

​12.    Insurance
12.1.    We accept no liability for any accident, loss or damage to your property unless such loss, damage or accident is demonstrably due to our negligence or that of those for whom we are legally responsible We will offer reasonable help to assist you in tracing lost items, however, we can only keep lost items for 30 days.

12.2.    We strongly recommend that you take out appropriate insurance for you and your Guests prior to the Holiday Period.

12.3.    If you are a long term guest, you must make sure that you have contents cover for your belongings as this is not provided and we are not responsible for your losses.

​13.    General Safety and Fire Safety
13.1.    If there is a fire, raise the alarm, evacuate the cottage, call 999, then please call us.

13.2.    You are required to follow any safety advice provided to you. Take particular care not to do anything which might cause a fire and do not leave items unattended on cookers or in ovens or grills.

13.3.    Upon arrival, please familiarise yourself with emergency procedures for dealing with fire. Notices are present in the Selected Cottage and Cottage Manual. Please make sure your whole party is aware of the escape routes, location of fire extinguishers and the first aid box. Smoke detectors are provided for your safety and must not be disabled. Please report to us if the detector is faulty or is particularly sensitive.

13.4.    While we make every effort to ensure your wellbeing during your stay, please remember that you remain responsible for the safety of yourself and others in your party, especially children.

13.5.    It is vital to know where your dogs and your children are at all times and to supervise them. This is particularly important as the Holiday Cottages are located on a working farm with barbed wire, heavy farm machinery, rabbit holes and other hazards commonly found in the countryside.  We are located within easy walking distance to a pond, a reservoir and the river Great Ouse all of which pose a potential risk of drowning. Please note that none of these are fenced in and it is your responsibility to make sure all members of your party including your dogs remain safe at all times.

13.6.    Please wear appropriate footwear as the path are exposed to the weather and can be slippery. The level of lighting around the property is designed not to distract from the natural environment around the property. If walking outside in the evenings, you may find a torch useful.

13.7.    Please do not walk on the pond, reservoir or the river Great Ouse if frozen or allow your child to do so.

13.8.    Please take care when approaching animals or birds as they may bite or injure you. If you do touch an animal or bird, please wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Please note that there may be grazing cattle present on the river bank or fields adjoining the local footpaths. When walking you should be mindful of your surroundings to fully enjoy the experience. Be vigilant, especially on entering a field or where you cannot see the whole field. Try to stay away from animals and be aware of their movements. In the spring it’s especially important to be sympathetic to farm animals rearing their young and give them space. When walking with dogs in fields with cattle, the advice is to avoid getting between cows and their calves; to keep your dog under close and effective control on a lead around cows and sheep.  If you feel threatened by animals protecting their territory or young, do not run. Move to the edge of the field and, if possible, find another way round.

13.9.    You may not bring or use any fireworks – including sparklers – or Chinese lanterns, shotgun, knife, firearm, air weapon, archery equipment, illegal substances or similar item to Holiday Cottage under any circumstances.

14.    What is included in the Rental Fee
14.1.    Included in the Rental fee is:

14.1.1.     the use during the Holiday Period by you and your Guests of the Selected Cottage in accordance with this agreement,

14.1.2.    sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, towels, bathmats, tea towels and you will also find a limited amount of the basics such as salt, pepper, sugar, tea, coffee, toilet rolls, soap, bin liners, washing up liquid, dishwasher tablets and clothes detergent;

14.1.3.    the use of a high-chair or travel cot, or shower chair and BBQ can be provided if requested on or before payment of the Rental Fee (and subject to availability)

14.1.4.    Wi-Fi, however, we cannot be held responsible for the speed of the connection and use is subject to third party terms and conditions which are available when accessing the system; the WIFI facility is not subject to any particular security, and only has limited filtering measures and requires continuous parental supervision when used by children;

14.1.5.    If your Selected Cottage is Willow Cottage a basket of logs will be provided for the wood-burning stove in Willow Cottage. PLEASE DO NOT BURN ANYTHING ELSE in the log burner.

14.1.6.    You are permitted to walk on the riverbank located within our property, but you do so entirely at your own risk. We take no responsibility whatsoever for any accidents that may occur. Beyond the boundaries of our property, we respectfully ask you to adhere to the footpaths and permitted routes and a basic map can be provided at your request.

​15.    Dogs
15.1.    We welcome well-behaved dogs and responsible owners. The maximum number of dogs for all Holiday Cottages is one, except for Oak and Willow Cottage where at our discretion we may grant permission to accommodate two dogs. All dogs must be supervised at all times and wear a collar with the name and address (including postcode) of the owner engraved or written on it or engraved on a tag.

15.2.    All dogs must be booked in and listed in your Booking Confirmation.

15.3.    You must ensure that all dogs which are named on the Booking Confirmation and which accompany you and your Guests are properly supervised, are not dangerous and do not cause a nuisance or threat to anyone. Please bring with you a dog bed/crate, towels to make sure your dog is clean and dry before entering any Holiday Cottage, food and water bowls and bags for disposing of dog faeces.

15.4.    The Holiday Cottages are presented to the highest standard and we wish to keep them that way. In order to maintain this high standard, you are expected to follow the “House and Grounds  Rules” for dogs, in particular:

15.4.1.    Dogs are not permitted on any furniture including the sofas or in the beds – even with covers applied;

15.4.2.    Dogs must be clean before entering a Holiday Cottage (please clean them with your towel)  and In Oak Cottage and Willow Cottage dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms;

15.4.3.    Dogs are not allowed to be left unattended in the Holiday Cottages or grounds if they bark on being left alone;

15.4.4.    The Selected Cottage and surrounding grounds must be left in a clean and undamaged condition on your departure;

15.4.5.    Please keep dogs on a lead at all times when outside the Selected Cottage

15.4.6.    Please dispose of dog faeces promptly and responsibly and never leave your dog in your vehicle unattended.

15.5.    If we find that a dog in your party has been anywhere it should not have been i.e. on beds, sofas or other furniture, caused extra cleaning costs, left behind a flea infection or caused any kind of damage to the Selected Cottage or within the surrounding grounds, then you shall be responsible for:

15.5.1.     the costs of reinstating any rooms and contents of the Selected Cottage to the condition it was in before you arrived; and

15.5.2.    the costs of any damage caused outside the Selected Cottage.

15.6.    Invoices raised pursuant to clause 15.5 above shall be paid in accordance with clause 6

15.7.    Registered guide and hearing dogs belonging to those with visual and hearing impairments are allowed in all cottages. All House and Ground Rules do still apply.

15.8.    If we, in our sole and reasonable discretion, consider your dog to be dangerous or to be causing a nuisance, harm or threat to anyone, or to be likely to do so, we may ask you to remove it (without refund or compensation). No other pets are permitted in the Holiday Cottages.

​16.    Security
16.1.    We will need to add your mobile number to the main gate access so please make sure you bring this mobile with you otherwise you will not get through the main gate.

17.    Miscellaneous
17.1.    Images on our website are for illustrative purposes only.

17.2.    This agreement and any dispute arising out of it will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. We and you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.

17.3.    Your stay will not give rise to any tenancy agreement between us.

17.4.    We will comply with the Data Protection Legislation and any directions issued by the Information Commissioner in the processing of such Personal Data.

17.5.    Should any part of our agreement be deemed by law to be void, the remainder of this agreement will, if capable, continue in full force and effect. The headings in this agreement are included for convenience only and shall not affect its interpretation or construction.

17.6.    In all cases, except personal injury or death, our liability to you for the total of all claims arising out of your break with us is limited to the cost of your Rental Fee less any charges and invoices raised by us (including by way of example under clauses 2,3,5 and 16). We will not be responsible for any matters that result from any unforeseeable and unforestallable events that are beyond our control.

If you have any questions, then please feel free to contact the office on 07723 016965.

Tel: 07723 016965.

Gravel Farm, Newmarket Road, Stretham, Ely, CB6 3LJ

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