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River Activities At Gravel Farm

Boating, Canoeing & Paddleboarding

Gravel Farm is situated right next to the River Great Ouse, upstream from Ely.  You have plenty of space which to launch your canoe or paddleboard, and there is also an opportunity to rent our canoe and boat.

The water is slow-moving and is about 20 metres wide and about 5 feet deep most of the year and, apart from the odd river boat, it is generally very quiet and calm.  Great place to canoe with children. The fens are characteristically flat with flood plains, reeds and lilies all adding to the interest.  The cattle will enjoy watching you from the opposite side of the river bank!  

There are also numerous riverside pubs and marinas to stop at including the Fish & Duck (for an ice cream), the Five Miles From Anywhere and of course all the wonderful restaurants and shops in Ely.  If you make it to Pope's Corner, you can then also navigate the River Cam.

The river is a stone's throw from our cottages and is very easy to access. You do have to cross the flood bank and so unfortunately it isn’t accessible for wheelchair users.   

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